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You Won't Last 40 Seconds
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Before you play, we need to ask you a couple of questions. Is your door locked and are you ready to cum?

Our games might feature explicit sexual scenarios between someone you dream of, possibly stepmoms or stepsisters. Can you handle this?

Who will you fuck first?

Her tits will be ...

How do you like her ass?

How do you like her pussy?

Her special skill is...

Your StepMom Asked You to Fuck.
What Will You Do?

Where will you cum first?

How fast you want to cum ? Our machine learning technology can tailor games to your preferences. This allows us to make you cum at any speed.

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At this level of difficulty, your teammate can ask you to share your stepmom or stepsis.
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  1. 1.Don't share your account.
  2. 2.Take breaks from the game often.
  3. 3.Be somewhere safe to cum.
  4. 4.Show respect for other players.
  5. 5.Try not to develop an addiction.

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